How to choose the tech that’s right for your venue?

If there’s one thing that really thrived throughout the pandemic, it’s the humble QR code. From checking into venues and registering personal details to browsing menus and even ordering right off them – everyone was doing it. In fact, QR codes straight up replaced waitstaff’s roles in many situations, leaving patrons with a very different dining experience.

Then payo checkout was born. Instead of replacing the personalised dining experience with mobile table ordering, it’s bringing back everything we love about dining out, but with an extra layer of convenience when it comes to paying the bill.

We know choosing the right tech can be overwhelming for any business operator. So we’ve put together three ways payo checkout is unique to table ordering platforms.

1. It brings back the ‘human’ side of dining
After two years spent masked up and contact free, there’s nothing Aussies are hungrier for than immersing themselves in the national food scene again. That means pulling up a seat at the bar and actually meeting the people behind the venue, not opening up an app. That’s why you won’t find menus on payo checkout – we want you to meet the incredible people behind these businesses AND have a deliciously convenient experience.

2. You can dine out on inhouse expertise
How will you know which pinot pairs best with the sirloin steak if you’re holding the ‘waiter’ in the palm of your hand? Floor staff have so much more than a transactional ‘sit, serve and charge’ role. They’re able to recommend dishes, match drinks and answer questions about the menu. We understand that it’s insights like these that are invaluable when it comes to delivering an attentive and positive venue experience.

When it comes to the power of personalised service, our Co-Founder Taf said it best:

“Service is at the core of hospitality and something I value immensely. Striking up amazing conversations and getting lifelong wine recommendations are some of my most memorable restaurant experiences.”

3. You retain your adventurous side
Order-at-table systems can help run an efficient operation at venues that don’t require much service or where the menus are limited so users order themselves. But they can also pretty quickly quash your confidence when it comes to tasting your way through a new menu. That’s because they often compel you to take the ‘safe’ option. Not every mobile app has a visual menu, which leads you to ordering what you know, not what you might love.

Picture this: you’re choosing between the fish and chips or the mortadella ragù with tagliatelle. Unfortunately, you have no idea what the latter is so chips it is, which means you miss out on a rich and aromatic pasta dish that could have blown your mind (as could the full-bodied sangiovese the waiter may have expertly suggested you pair with it).

Yes, payo checkout and order-at-table technology both use QR codes, but that’s largely where the similarities stop. In short, payo checkout assists venues that are service led in providing a better experience while allowing guests to pay or split the bill themselves at the end without having to wait. That’s because our platform was designed to support the personalised experiences we love and have come to miss, now with a healthy dollop of convenience served with it.

Ready to dial up the dining experience by adding your venue’s name to the growing list of local bars and eateries processing quick bills? Find out more at

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