How to split bills and save friendships in 3 easy steps

Have you ever lost friends over an unfair bill split?

You’re not alone.

Doing it smoothly is an art. So much so that there are guides online like this one (AND this one) to getting it right without putting your friendship on the line. This one from the SBS even promises to help you achieve it ‘trauma-free’.

Outside of friendships, we’re also seeing more and more couples wanting to split the bill evenly – 39% in fact – according to a recent survey from Life Happens.

It’s fair to say that the days of the ‘shout’ are numbered – Aussies are more financially savvy than ever before (and it feels like inflation and interest rates have never been higher), which is why an unfair split can do a number on a relationship, plutonic or otherwise.

This is just a taste of why Aussies are losing mates to the dreaded post-meal split:

  • Non-drinkers are forced to cover the pricy cost of alcohol
  • Slower drinkers are essentially shouting rounds for those who outdrunk them
  • Light eaters pay more per bite (so do late arrivers)
  • Those with tighter budgets are either forced to disclose their situation or take a financial hit that could see even tighter times in the days and weeks ahead

Some restaurants won’t even let you split the bill, which means you’re then forced to nominate someone to shout the round in exchange for ‘promises’ of repayment. That’s if you can even be bothered calculating each person’s independent portion of the bill.

In short, there’s nothing easy about splitting bills. Well, until now.

See, we created payo checkout to keep friendships intact. So you can go out and sink your teeth into Australia’s culinary smorgasbord with your favourite people, without the bill leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

When it comes time to pay, our self-service technology puts the power in your hands. You can settle the bill on your phone, from your table, in seconds – all in three simple steps:

1. Scan the QR code on your table
2. Select the number of people paying
3. Assign everyone an amount based on what they had, or split it evenly

And that’s it – the bill has been split fairly and you haven’t lost a single mate in the process. You haven’t even needed to awkwardly flag the waiter or hover by the till to pay. Heck, you haven’t even had to leave your seat!

Better yet, with payo checkout, you don’t need a dedicated app to pay, just a restaurant that offers the option. Find out more at and look out for payo checkout at an eatery near you!

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