The fastest way to pay in hospitality

Made by hospo for hospo, payo is dishing up a better way to pay at restaurants, bars and cafes.

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Payo Checkout

Offer swift self-checkout and turnover tables quicker than it took to read this sentence.

  • QR Code

    At the end of a meal, customers scan a unique customisable QR code on the table. No apps. No downloads. It’s 2022 after all.

  • Fast Contactless Payments

    Customers enter their card details or select Apple/Google Pay. They can even choose to pay in instalments with payo.

  • Split The Bill

    Your customers can now finally split the bill, however they like. No more awkward convos about who ordered what and who pays.

  • Get More Tips

    With an integrated tipping feature, your staff gets rewarded for their top service. Going cashless does not mean going tipless.

  • Get Paid

    Once your customers confirm their payments, you get paid upfront within a 48 hr settlement period. Done and dusted.