4 ways your restaurant can get the most out of payo checkout

Payo checkout was developed as a response to the ever-changing needs of the hospitality industry. From a growing demand for touchless transactions to the increasing need for splitting bills, patrons are more hungry than ever for speed and convenience.

For Aussie venues, payo checkout is new technology that can help your venue.
Our platform can unlock more time, income, sittings and staff satisfaction – all with a few taps of a phone screen. The trick is knowing the right ways to harness it.

Here are four tips to help payo checkout supercharge your restaurant.


1. Train your staff to encourage adoption.
One of the simplest things you can do to drive platform uptake is communicate the delicious benefits of using payo checkout to pay as soon as patrons sit down. If your team can emphasise the speed and ease of self-checkout, customers can sit back and enjoy the meticulous service of your staff without fretting about making a timely departure. After all, they now have the power to ensure it themselves, thanks to the ability to scan and pay in seconds.

One venue already doing this well is Franco & Co in Melbourne. They’ve trained their team to communicate the process as soon as patrons take a seat, which led to the restaurant processing dozens of transactions on the platform in the first few days alone. Impressively, a whopping 70% of customers left a tip!


2. Promote. Promote. Promote.
Payo checkout is fast making a name for itself as some serious time-saving technology. Impactful in-store marketing such as posters will alert patrons to its presence in your venue and can even appeal to new customers, highlighting the convenience of settling the bill from the palm of your hand.

Similarly, social media is a great way of spreading the good word about payo checkout. With more than 13 millions Australians now on Instagram, and a large chunk of them dining out on venue’s images before even stepping foot in their doors, sharing your adoption of payo checkout online will likely tempt more patrons through your door.

The best news? We can supply the branded marketing materials to help you do both!


3. Turn on default tips when setting up.
Trust us; it works.

Just look at To Be Or Not To Be cafe in Brisbane. When they switched default tips on during the setup process, over 90% of customers left staff a tip when checking out.

When they trialled payo checkout with the default tip switch turned off, zero tips were left. It’s safe to say, this small case study makes a pretty strong argument for hitting the tip switch early – your staff will certainly thank you.


4. The more QR codes, the better.
More specifically, the more tables you put them on, the greater the volume of transactions you can expect to get. That means more efficient service, more tips, more happy staff and more tables turned over in a sitting. What more could you want?

Cotham Dining in Melbourne certainly don’t want for much now that they have payo checkout. Having QR codes on big tables has seen the speedy processing of split bills, saving staff time and hassle, and customers the stress of figuring out who owes what at the till. That’s because they can split the total however way they like – evenly, by dollar amount, or based on the menu items they ordered.

With these four tips up your sleeve and payo QR codes on your tables, you’ll be ushering more patrons through your door (and dollars into your till) in no time.

Ready to add your venue’s name to the growing list of local bars and eateries processing quick bills? Find out more at payo.com.au/payo-checkout/.

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