How payo checkout can help you through the holiday season

For a lot of bars, restaurants and cafes, summer presents the most profitable time of year. Forget presents under the tree, venue owners and managers can expect to cash in on the social and generous spirits of Aussies as we enter the season of festive parties, staff functions, family lunches, Christmas events and New Year celebrations.

Unfortunately, the holiday period also brings with it seasonal labour shortages, leaving you without enough hands to even scratch the surface of the festive season spending. That’s when clever tech can be the best thing to employ as we steer towards summer.

Here are five ways you can beat the labour crunch and make the most of the holiday season with self-checkout technology.

1. Optimise your floor service
One of the best things you can do during the busiest time of the year is to run a tight ship on the floor. A streamlined front of house will likely run meals out sooner, notice empty glasses faster, clear plates earlier and generally provide a far higher level of customer service.

Employing technology that minimises the admin side of service – such as processing payments – can give you back valuable time on the floor. A self-checkout option not only ensures your patrons are treated to a flawless dining experience in your venue, but dramatically increases the likelihood of them revisiting or endorsing it in the future. Happy customers now equals repeat customers later.

2. Increase your chances of tips
While tipping is commonplace in countries like the US, it’s still tiptoed around here in Australia. Customers are either met with a jar at the till (who carries cash these days?!), awkwardly presented with the option on the EFTPOS machine, or flat out asked if they’d like to cough up at the end of the sitting.

If you can avoid putting patrons on the spot when it comes to tipping, you’re far more likely to make those extra dollars. Most of the time, this means integrating the option discreetly into your payment process via new QR code-based self-checkout system. This invites customers to tip without pressure from the palm of their hand.

3. Turnover more tables
Maximising your sittings is an artform. You have to find the sweet spot between making patrons feel rushed and leaving them waiting. On one hand, you don’t want them lingering at the table, chewing through precious time that could go to other paying customers. You also don’t want to tarnish their experience by steering them towards the door the second the last forkful hits their lips.

The secret is allowing them to pay as soon as they want to. This is where self-checkout technology is changing the game by inviting diners to take care of the bill whenever they’re ready, which means they aren’t wasting time trying to wave down the waitstaff. In fact, you’ll save up to 10 minutes per sitting when you let them.

4. Accommodate split bills
Paying the bill is an instant downer after a delicious group meal with mates and loved ones. No one wants to cough up for the total during the most expensive time of year – who knows if they’ll ever be paid back! On the other hand, allowing split bills can cost you precious time that can otherwise be spent seating more paying customers. Not to mention transaction fees that could go to your staff or back pocket.

Unfortunately, splitting bills is a dated problem that has faced the hospitality industry for decades. Payo checkout, however, allows you to offer it smoothly and efficiently, which can give you an invaluable advantage these holidays.

5. Introduce self-checkout technology
To help venues get the most out of the holiday season – and every season – we developed payo checkout. You’ve had a little taste of what it can do above with split bills, but the platform itself was designed to help you achieve every single one of those first four points.


Payo checkout gives customers the power to settle their bill, from their table, in seconds. All they have to do is scan a unique QR code at the table – no app downloads, floor staff or roving EFTPOS terminals required. In fact, happy customers can show their appreciation for the seamless process with extra tips at checkout.

And the best news is, you don’t have to change a thing about the way you operate because payo checkout can integrate with your current restaurant POS system, settling each bill automatically.

So if you’re ready to optimise your floor service, make more money on every bill, turn tables over sooner, and empower your patrons with refreshing convenience, it’s time to consider payo checkout this holiday season – it’ll be the best gift you give your business.

Ready to add your venue’s name to the growing list of local bars and eateries processing quick bills? Find out more at

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