5 reasons why diners should use payo checkout

Picture this…after a busy week wearing the work hat, it’s finally time to have a break with friends at a new wine bar around the corner. The babysitter is booked, your co-dependent has dinner organised and your outfit is sorted! A night of good food and great wine with friends is on the cards, to unwind and check-out from the daily grind.

Experiences that let us tune out and refill our cups are so needed in today’s busy world – particularly ones that are uninterrupted and run smoothly.

Payo checkout has landed to ensure your dining experience is hassle-free when it comes to payments. Trust us when we say the experience is well worth it for these five reasons:

  1. Convenience: With payo checkout, sit in the driving seat of your next dining experience. Each table’s unique QR code is fully integrated into the venue’s point of sale system. This kind of table technology allows you to scan, view and pay the bill in seconds. Enjoy all the frills of going out for a bite like great service and ambience – and pay from the table when you’re ready.A study by Mastercard revealed that 82% of consumers view contactless as the cleaner way to pay, and contactless payments are up to 10 times faster than other in-person methods. This enables customers to get in and out of restaurants faster.
  2. Split the bill however you like: Splitting the bill however you like after a great night is an awkward pill to swallow. This is a dated problem the hospitality industry has faced for years – directly impacting waitstaff and diners. Fear no more, as payo checkout allows you to split the bill evenly, enter a custom amount or pay for items you ordered, without incurring any extra fees for the venue. No more awkward convos with mates, or chasing up money.
  3. No more waiting for the bill: Enjoy your meal at the table and self-checkout using the unique payo checkout QR code on the table.

    Each table’s unique QR code is fully integrated with the venue’s point of sale system, allowing contactless payment, bringing up the bill when scanned. From there, select your preferred payment option, pay and then leave on your terms!

  4. Don’t need an app, or to enter any personal details: To use payo checkout after a meal, no app download is required to make payment, welcoming a smooth and fast way to settle your bill. And don’t worry about filling in a form with your personal details, we know how tedious it can be!
  5. Easily leave a tip for staff – If you’re up for it, payo checkout allows you to thank your wait staff for their service. It’s nice to have the option to send a little love to the ones who serve up the goods!


So what are you waiting for? If you see payo checkout at a restaurant next time you dine out, try it and enjoy a smooth payment experience.

Own a venue and ready to add to the growing list of local bars and eateries processing quick bills? Find out more at payo.com.au/payo-checkout/.

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