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The most delicious way to celebrate the Lunar New Year in your city

As we herd out the ox and usher in the roaring year of the tiger (the king of all beasts in China), now is the perfect time to lock in your Lunar New Year feast. 

According to Chinese astrology, we can expect 2022 to be a year of delicious adventure – everyone’s chomping at the bit for new experiences, generosity is at an all-time high and tasty progress feels possible again. So, what better way to celebrate than with a feed at one of your city’s favourite Chinese restaurants?

One of the greatest perks of being a payote is always knowing where the best feasts are near you. In fact, Chinese is the most popular cuisine on the payo app, making it a veritable smorgasbord of Lunar New Year bites. The best part? You can eat it all now and pay it back later (the same goes for the countless other cuisines available, too).

Here’s what to eat

Lunar New Year is a celebration of symbolism. So, naturally, the food you tuck into should have meaning too. The idea of the new year feast is to bring luck for the year ahead. But it’s not as simple as plating up a lucky bowl of fried rice, the luck comes from how you make it, what you make it with, how you plate it up, and the way it’s enjoyed.

Luckily for you (pardon the pun), dining out at one of your city’s best restaurants means the food gurus will be taking care of the hard work for you – all you have to do is enjoy it.

Dishes you should order at your lucky Lunar New Year feast should include: 

  1. steamed fish – this is because the word ‘fish’ sounds like surplus in Chinese
  2. Chinese dumplings – the more you eat, the more money you’ll make this year
  3. spring rolls –  to double down on growing your wealth
  4. glutinous rice cake – to give you a prosperous career boost
  5. sweet rice balls – to bring your family closer together
  6. longevity noodles – they’re ultra-long to bring you an extra-long life
  7. fruit – because golden tangerines and oranges bring fullness and wealth

Here’s what to sip

Wine. While China is celebrated for its love of tea, it’s fermented fruit that steals the limelight over the Lunar New Year. Again, it’s because of deep-rooted symbolism  and cultural meaning. In Chinese, “alcohol” (/jiǔ) is a homophone of “long-lasting” (). That’s why during the new year celebrations, people will drink to things like everlasting friendship and happiness.

  • white wine – known as ‘baijiu’, it’s super strong and consumed in a shot glass
  • tusu wine – the delicious elixir is said to bring about good health
  • jiao wine – infused with flowers, it represents peace, health and longevity

Here are some of the popular picks on payo

Search the app to find these popular picks in your city or to discover more.


  • Happy Lemon
  • Panda BBQ
  • David’s Hot Pot
  • Chef David


  • East Phoenix
  • Sky Phoenix
  • Aurora
  • YX Mini Hot Pot


  • David’s Noodle & Hotpot
  • Meet Sweat
  • YX Mini Hotpot
  • Impressive Dumplings

Gold Coast

  • Yum Cha Noodle Haus
  • Fu Manchu
  • Dumpling Gallery (Pacific Fair)
  • Taste Gallery (Pacific Fair)

Delicious Chinese cuisine is just the beginning – you can taste all four corners of the globe from the palm of your hand with the payo app! To get fresh updates, exclusive offers and venue announcements sent straight to your inbox or social feed, follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter.

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