How Salt Meats Cheese is increasing order value and transactions with payo

Salt Meats Cheese is a family-owned Italian restaurant group offering dining, delicatessens and cooking classes across New South Wales and Queensland.

With a maturing market and competition in the Brisbane and Sydney food scene, Salt Meats Cheese sought to find new Gen Z and millennial customers who would frequently visit and spend more money at their venues.

Challenge: Expand customer base to reach and retain Gen Z and millennial diners

Salt Meats Cheese is a business that listens to the hospitality market and responds in a way that suits a modern day diner. Traditionally, venues look to attract new customers via promotional tactics like discounts and advertising. However, Salt Meats Cheese knew they needed to innovate to keep growing their business, and appeal to a diverse customer pool.


Salt Meats Cheese onboarded payo to appeal to younger diners who live busy lifestyles, enjoy convenience and are quickly adopting all forms of buy now, and pay later solutions.

To support the launch, the marketing team at payo worked with Salt Meats Cheese to meet the objectives at Salt Meats Cheese to expand their customer base. Some of these initiatives include:

  • Development of co-branded materials to position in the venue, including A-frames, posters, and stickers along with co-branded digital materials.
  • Communication that Salt Meats Cheese accepts payo through owned marketing channels including email marketing and social media.
  • Venue highlighted and featured in payo marketing campaigns
  • Content creators and influencers visiting venues to create content for social media

Salt Meats Cheese is also a premium payo partner which enables venues to extend great discounts and special offers of up to 15% to customers that pay with payo.


  • Salt Meats Cheese has seen a significant increase in the average order value being 60% higher from payo customers since going live.
  • Customers have come back 3-5 times since their first payo transaction, driving loyalty.
  • Payo is now responsible for over 5% of the venues transaction volume.

“The best part of this new partnership has been watching our customers enjoy new experiences and delicious food, or upgrade their meal with that extra entree or dessert, whilst being able to pay on their own terms.”

Stefano De Blasi, Director of Salt Meats Cheese

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