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Payo is now available in Sydney!

Payo is now available in Sydney!

Put that tupperware back in the cupboard, Sydney-siders, meals just got infinitely more exciting (and affordable)!

After months of leftovers and lacklustre feeds, it’s time to hop on back to the hospitality scene you know and love. This time, however, payo will be here to take care of the bill so you can feast now and pay later.

While you’ve been up to your eyeballs in Zoom trivia and 2pm cups of ‘tea’ at home, we’ve spent the better part of the last 12 months onboarding hundreds of bars and eateries – across Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane – to ensure there’s a degustation of delicious experiences waiting for you on our app.

Whether it’s a cheeky Sunday sesh at Hotel Ravesis, a long work lunch at Auvers or the famous 9-course feed me menu at Tokki with the crew on Friday night (or all three!), payo lets you enjoy the good times now and pay the bill back in four bite-sized chunks later. Plus, you won’t pay any interest or account fees. Not a cent!

Life’s too short to skip that second chocolate mousse. So, head to the payo app to check out a whole heap of Sydney hotspots near you and get started on that post-lockdown bucket list.

Here’s a peek at ours…

Melburnians – it’s also time to drill another notch in your belt because Australia’s food capital is opening up again and every man and his dog will be payo-ing their way to a food coma. If you haven’t already, download the app to get a seat at the table.

Gold Coasters – we know Brisbanites have been payo-ing their way-o through the food scene for months now, but we’ve recently hit your part of the world, adding a slew of delicious local venues to the app! This includes The Henchman, Brazilian Flame, Fu Manchu, Vanitas and Hanasaki Broadbeach.

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