Now live in Melbourne!

Tummies at the ready – payo has touched down in Australia’s food capital!

Melburnians, are you fed up with missing the chance to feast because you can’t foot the bill? Got an appetite for good food but being held back by light wallets? Well, payo is here to grab the cheque so you can eat now and pay later.

Over the past few months, we’ve been busy onboarding over 500 of our country’s best eateries – across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane – to ensure there is a degustation of restaurants, bars and cafes waiting for you on our app.

Whether it’s a cheeky Tuesday afternoon at Bomba Rooftop Bar, Friday night work drinks at Father’s Office or the famous Sip & Sushi at Morris Jones with the girls on a Saturday (heck, do all three!), payo lets you enjoy the good times now and pay the bill back in four bite-sized chunks later. Plus, you won’t pay any interest or account fees. Zero, zilch!

Life’s too short to skip dessert. So, head to the payo app to check out a whole heap of Melbourne hotspots near you and get started on that post-lockdown bucket list.

Here’s a peak at ours…

Sydney – we’re coming to you as soon as this *cough* situation gets sorted.

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