Take your mates on dates with 20 bucks from us!

Take your mates on dates with 20 bucks from us!

You know what they say – new year, new me[nu]. And as Australia’s food scene returns with even bigger, better flavours in 2022, now is that time to sink your teeth into a fresh feed with your nearest and dearest. Which is why we’re slinging you and your mates not 10, but 20 BIG bucks when they use your unique referral code to become a payote.

Do you know what you can buy with $20? A burger and fries, two rounds of beers, a plate of steamed veggie dumplings, two triple-scoop ice creams, prawn pad Thai, a parma, a long island iced tea, three truffle croquettes, a margherita pizza. The list goes on. Plus, the cherry on top of the triple fudge sundae you inevitably order will be spending some much needed face time with the folks you love most. Truthfully, there’s no better reward (except free dessert).

To cash in on the free cash, all your mates have to do is:

1. Download the payo app.

2. Sign up to become a payote.

3. Go to Account > Promotion and add the referral code.

4. Add their credit or debit card to their account.

5. Take a mate on a date and scan the payo QR code to pay.

6. They’ll automatically get $20 taken off their bill and you’ll get 20 bucks credit!

Plus, meeting the $40 minimum spend is a breeze when you pay with payo, because it means you can have that second whiskey sour or chocolate mousse now, and worry about paying for it later (in four interest-free instalments).

As hospitality veterans ourselves, we also know that every cent you spend with your mates this year will be helping our beloved food scene get back on their feet and into the kitchen, especially after being forced to throw in the tea towel over the last two tricky years.

So, here’s to cheap feeds with good mates in 2022! Hungry for even more exclusive offers and venue announcements? Follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter for delicious updates dropped straight in your inbox.

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