8 ways to payo your way-o through every day

In the spirit of saying ‘HECK YES’ to more delicious daily experiences, here are eight ways you can use payo to level up your everyday life.

8 Ways to Payo Your Way-o Through Every Day

Ever denied yourself a dessert because your bank balance couldn’t condone the treat? Skipped a night out with friends in order to afford rent? Reached for the Easy Mac because your wallet gave you a hard no to dining out? We get it, cash gets tight on the tail end of pay cycles and you always want enough moola for emergencies, but you don’t have to deprive yourself of the good stuff just to be prepared for the bad stuff.

Not anymore.

Payo is here to make your everyday that little bit sweeter. We’ll foot the bill now for the things you love, and you can pay us back later in four interest-free instalments. You’ve no doubt already let a Buy Now, Pay Later service shout you some fab new kicks or a fresh [working] fridge. It’s the same thing. Think of us as a helpful mate who’s always here to raise a glass to living life on the edge [of a food coma].

So, in the spirit of saying ‘HECK YES’ to more delicious daily experiences, here are eight ways you can use payo to level up your everyday life.

1. Surprise a loved one with date night

Whoever said romance is dead didn’t have payo, because breathing new life into your relationship is as simple as sending an afterwork text to your squeeze that says, ‘I’ve booked us a table at your favourite restaurant. See you in hour, tonight’s on me.’ That’s love.

2. Give yourself a break from dishes

No one on their death bed ever looked back on their life and said, ‘I wished I’d spent more nights stacking the dishwasher’. Instead, tuck into an Asian fusion feed me menu where the only cleaning required from you is licking the plate clean at the end of each course.

3. Shout a friend a birthday bev

Other than that sleek new outfit you just paid the first instalment on, nothing says ‘happy birthday, boo’ more than footing the bill for a ritzy cocktail at your favourite bar. So do it! We’re not glass-half full-people, we’re glass-full-to-the-flippin’-brim people, and this kind of unbridled generosity comes from the freedom of knowing you can cover the costs without putting future you in a costly bind.

4. Go offsite for a working brekkie

Sick of toast and home-brand marge in front of the computer at home? Shake things up with a delicious change of scenery and grab brekkie at a local café. Not only will it be a delicious departure from the bland morning carbs of days gone by, but it will be a welcome boost of productivity, too.

5. Take your mum out for lunch

Take adulting to the next level by shouting your mum a Spanish feed at the local tapas restaurant. Not only will it prove how grown up and ‘on top of things’ you are, it’ll show her how that gap year in Barcelona was indeed a priceless cultural education.

6. Support your fav local biz

Getting a hearty parma from the pub around the corner is ‘frivolous spending’, it’s stimulating the local economy. And after the months the Aussie hospitality industry has just suffered through, there’s really no better way you can spend your money.

7. Order a second dessert

Crème brûlée or chocolate mousse? Have ‘em both! The days of stopping at one [or none] are done. With payo, you can smugly ask for the dessert menu and confidently rattle off a handful of desserts without fearing that a week of two-minute Mi Goreng will follow.

8. Give yourself an excuse to go for a walk

Sometimes getting out of the house is sweetest treat of all. Give your crummy instant coffee the flick and stroll on over to a local café that could use your support. The only thing better than the barista knowing your name, is bagging a cinnamon scroll for the amble home.

As you can see, payo lets you enjoy the good times now and pay the bill back in four bite-sized chunks later. Plus, you won’t pay any interest or account fees. Zero, zilch! Life’s too short to suffer through lacklustre leftovers. So, head to the payo app to check out a whole heap of delicious hotspots near you.

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