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7 ways payo can help you keep an eye on your spending

Wallet feeling a little lighter as you cruise into the new year? Now is the perfect time to reassess how you splash your cash each day and look for ways to make smarter financial decisions in 2022 (without compromising on delicious experiences, of course).

Payo was born from the desire to treat people to a little *extra* without breaking the bank. So instead of going without that indulgent degustation in an effort to keep more cash in your account, we created a way for you to have your cake brunch and eat it too.

Here’s how payo – the new way to pay – can help you chase financial freedom in the new year.

1. Spend less on interest

The beauty of taking care of the bill with payo is that not only do you break it down into four bite-sized repayments, but you don’t pay a cent of interest when you make them. It’s like getting a loan from a mate that you don’t have to pay back ASAP – you have the space to take care of really urgent things like rent and bills in the meantime.

2. Keep on top of your repayments

Unlike other Buy Now, Pay Later services, payo combines all of your purchases into only two monthly payments each Wednesday instead of four fortnightly payments for every single purchase. This way, you can keep track of the money going out of your account instead of finding yourself in situations where you’re strapped for cash because you were hit with an unexpected repayment. Payo even sends you a reminder the day before your next payment is due, so you’ll never get any nasty cost shocks.

3. Learn to budget better

Speaking of budgeting, it’s a helluva lot easier to do when you know how much will be going in and out of your account, and when. You can sit down at the beginning of the month and calculate your income, expenses and payo repayments, which are all itemised in the payo wallet. From here, you’ll always know how much you have left for emergencies, extravagances and delicious experiences.

4. Pay fewer fees

You’ve no doubt heard horror stories of snowballing interest putting a serious dent in people’s finances. That doesn’t happen with payo. Instead of your debt accumulating over time, late fees are capped at $10 per instalment. And even if you miss one, we’ll hit pause on your account so you won’t be tempted to keep spending and can instead focus on paying off your outstanding amounts.

5. Save on sweet deals from local venues

Our lucky payotes are regularly served a smorgasbord of discounts, promotions and deals at local venues. That means that not only does the bill become infinitely more digestible when you pay with payo, but it can also get smaller, thanks to the exclusive offers that drop straight into your inbox each week.

6. Earn FREE meal discounts for you and your mates

Payo’s sweet perks aren’t just restricted to our payotes, they apply to your mates and dates as well. See, when a pal uses your unique referral code to sign up to payo, we’ll sling them a $20 voucher to use on their next venue visit. Then, when they take care of their first bill with payo, we’ll sling you one too! That’s a cool $20 saving for doing sweet nothing.

7. Enjoy total spending transparency

When it comes to controlling your finances, the payo app was designed to put you in the driver’s seat. The wallet feature shows you all the good stuff – your spending history, pending balances, available credit, spending limits, and upcoming payments. You can even pay an instalment early to get on top of your finances sooner!

Better financial fitness in 2022? We’ll drink to that! To get fresh updates, exclusive offers and venue announcements sent straight to your inbox or social feed, follow us on Instagram or subscribe to our newsletter.

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